A Lay Apostolate for Mothers Of Miscarried and Stillborn Souls

  1. "A M.O.M.S. Peace provides an important support to those who have lost an unborn child. Miscarriage is often a silent suffering that couples - and especially mothers - endure. At times, it may be a very lonely experience. A M.O.M.S. Peace helps parents in the loss of their child. Not only are the parents supported emotionally, but the remains of their child(ren) are shown the dignity proper to a child of God. The experience of laying to rest one's child can help to provide closure to the experience of miscarriage. M.O.M.S. Peace is a quiet apostolate that helps greatly in the silent suffering of miscarriage."
    Father Thomas Vanderwoude Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Gainesville, Virginia
  2. "After our miscarriage we did not know how to honor our baby's short life until we found A M.O.M.S. Peace, this ministry helped us navigate through the painful burial process which ultimately led us to the healing we desired. Praise God for this ministry!"
    C. Morrell Mother to Gemma 2017
  3. "A M.O.M.S. Peace me guio a traves del proceso y el dolor de perder a mi bebe con increible conocimiento, fe, compasion, gentileza, y amor. Ellos reconocieron Ia vida de mi bebe y con su apoyo y consuelo me proporcionaron una sensacion de paz."
    K.A. Mama de Noah 2017
  4. "I fully support A M.O.M.S. Peace ministry which brings such peace to grieving parents and families. When I see the good work being done in this apostolate, and participate in it myself, I recall the comforting words of Jesus: 'Let the little children come to me and do not forbid them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.'"
    Father Noah Morey All Saints Catholic Church in Manassas, Virginia
  5. "It gave me comfort and peace to work with A M.O.M.S. Peace after losing my dear babies. They understood what I was going through, treated their bodies with love and dignity, and acknowledged their impact on my life."
    L. McAdams Mother of Catherine 2016, Carol 2016, Christopher 2017
  6. "I never expected to gain peace in burying two of my miscarried children. But the respect that A M.O.M.S. Peace showed to their remains, and the love we received in our grief gave us just that; God's peace. And it opened the door for healing to begin."
    C. Sullivan Mother to Gabriel 2015, & Baby 2017
  7. "As we reach the one year anniversary of our baby Kyle's miscarriage at 20 weeks, we are once again reminded how God is in control and always has a plan, no matter the circumstances. I had been helping provide burial blankets to a M.O.M.S. Peace for nearly a year, never thinking that one day I would need them. At our most devastating time, they were there, in the wee hours of the night, guiding us, praying with us and helping us navigate the pain. Because of their love, support and prayerful guidance, we were able to lay our baby Kyle's in God's arms in our own personal way. Because of a M.O.M.S. Peace, we know our little man came to this world by God's hand to help bring choices to all families who endure this unimaginable experience. Their continued guidance through the grief process has helped our family continue to heal."
    S. Morton Mother to Kyle 2016
  8. "A M.O.M.S. Peace is not just an organization; it is a true blessing from God! I have seen the peace, comfort and closure this apostolate has brought to so many families; therefore I can not put into words how deeply this has touched my heart. A M.O.M.S. Peace is something that makes practical the Churches call to build a culture of life and bring the gospel through the Apostolates of Presence and love. "
    Deacon Gerard-Marie Anthony St.Timothy Catholic Church in Chantilly, Virginia
  9. "A M.O.M.S. Peace helped me through the hardest time of my life, and did so with utmost respect and sensitivity to my situation. I will never forget the generosity and love that was shown to me through this program."
    M. Messier Mother to Caeli 2017