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A Lay Apostolate for Mothers Of Miscarried and Stillborn Souls

Immediate Burial Assistance
We are so very sorry you are having to make these decisions. They are not easy. We provide immediate assistance from the moment this difficult news is received. We will explain your options, help you to coordinate your decisions, and assist you in burying your baby with the utmost respect, dignity  and love that they deserve.

Comforting the Sorrowful
During a time of loss, especially miscarriage or stillbirth, there is a lot of information for parents to process. Many parts of this painful situation are outside of your control. We are here to help you. We will work alongside your family to ease the stress and anxiety of such a confusing time. Should you find your family is in need of help coping with grief, seek spiritual advice , or another concern, we are here to help you through it. 

 Acknowledgement of Life and Remembrance Program
As Roman Catholics, we believe through church teaching that each child is a gift. That is why we have created this apostolate. We will not forget your baby or the pain you have experienced. We will provide you with an Acknowledgement of Life Certificate, include you in our remembrance program, and our Book of Life. Visitors are encouraged to write the names of their deceased children in the Book of Life at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Gainesville, Virginia.  When the book is full, it is sent to various monasteries and convents where these families will be prayed for perpetually.  Please complete the form below, and we will send you your Acknowledgement of Life, and if noted, will include you in our Book of Life. 

We can help you provide dignity and respect for your miscarried or stillborn baby.
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This apostolate was created to honor the 

Corporal Works of Mercy

To feed the hungry
To give drink to the thirsty
To clothe the naked
To shelter the homeless
To visit the sick and imprisoned
To give alms to the poor
To bury the dead

Spiritual Works of Mercy

Counsel the doubtful
Instructing the ignorant
Admonishing the sinner
Comforting the Sorrowful
Forgiving Injuries
Bearing wrongs patiently
Praying for the living and the dead


Kara Palladino

Founder and Program Director

Founder of A M.O.M.S. Peace, Kara is a mom to six children and four saints. Upon experiencing the loss of her seventh child to Heaven, Kara quickly discovered there was not a plan set up for burial and beyond. She was called to change that. Encouraged by her husband and family, she visited with church leaders, funeral homes, cemeteries and hospital staff to create options and plans for families experiencing similar losses. She has since established locations for burial, lowered costs, patient awareness, acknowledgement and remembrance programs, and most of all, a process that aligns with Catholic Church teaching. She continues to explore new options and locations, and is regularly communicating with like-minded organizations to broaden her scope. If you, or someone you know could use the services of A M.O.M.S. Peace, in the commonwealth of Virginia, please contact us. 

Mary Beth Balint
Assistant Program Director
Cassie Morrell
Community Outreach Coordinator
Mary Beth and her husband, Mike, have 6 children and 2 beautiful babies in heaven.  She felt called to help Kara as A M.O.M.S. Peace started to grow. Mary Beth assists with administrative duties and communications.  She feels blessed and grateful for the opportunity to serve families and their babies with dignity and love.

Cassie joined the apostolate a few months after burying her baby with the help of A M.O.M.S. Peace. She had a strong desire to help other grieving families cope with their loss and honor their babies the way she did. She helps maintain the website and with public outreach.